three_penny: (The Doctor Says Hello!)
2012-08-29 12:27 pm
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In Which I Enter The Realm of Dreamwidth.

I have spent many, many years on LiveJournal. As with anything, I've had some good times and some bad time, and some times that realistically go beyond the typical definitions of good and bad, and some time that bear no description at all.

I've recently found myself employed at a job that requires me to do absolutely nothing. I sit for eight hours, sometimes ten, in the earliest possible hours of the morning, trapped in a medium-sized glass booth answering phones and watching the Twilight Zone on Netflix. Sometimes I watch the Science Channel, for a change of pace.

This leaves me with significantly more free time than I'm used to. As classes will be starting up soon, I could use this time to do school work and further my education so that I can lead a successful and enriching life. Or I can start a Dreamwidth account.

I chose the later.

So, here I am.